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Offering up discounts on specific products or across your entire store is always a good bet, as this will act as outstanding incentive for relevant users while also helping you drive some immediate sales. Just remember to keep the size of the discount proportional to the actions you are demanding. If you want to steer clear of reducing your prices there are a number of other valuable rewards you can dispense with coupon codes. This includes:. Once you have planned out the actions you want to drive and the reward you will be offering it's time to think about how you can setup a campaign to distribute your coupons and drive your desired actions.

A lot of this comes down to where you want to distribute your coupon and what actions you want to drive. If you're simply driving email signups you can easily email out the coupon code to new subscribers or display it in a popup. If you're asking for more comprehensive actions then you can ask users to email or message you with verification that they have completed the action, and you can respond with your coupon. If you use Gleam Rewards to drive actions, we will automatically verify each action from the user, and we'll even email them their coupon code in a beautifully designed template:.

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Opt-in forms situated on your website are a great way to drive more visitors into your mailing list and there may not be a more effective way to drive more signups and sales than offering a coupon. Using this method, you can create popups situated strategically across your website for different intentions and behaviours, while offering a discount in exchange for an email signup. Since a popup is invasive by nature, you will want to limit the number of actions you want to ask for. For that reason, we recommend limiting to only one action - entering an email address to subscribe for your newsletter for example.

To make sure that the person is indeed entering a valid email address, you can also choose to send the coupon code to the person via email once they have entered their email address.

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Distributing coupons on social media can be an outstanding way to reach a huge audience and share your discounted offering with as many people as possible, but it can be a bit challenging to exchange these coupons for actions. It's easy to ask users to complete actions on social media. If you're offering up a coupon on Twitter you can ask for retweets or follows, if you're using Facebook you can encourage likes, comments and shares, and so on.

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The real challenge arises when it's time to validate entries and distribute coupons. Without using a 3rd party platform, you will have to ask users to send you a DM asking for a coupon, you will then have to manually validate their entries and send them back a coupon code. This is generally way too much of an effort, especially if you're distributing coupons on a large scale.

It's for this reason that we recommend using a 3rd party app such as Gleam Rewards to distribute your coupon codes.


When it comes to using your coupons to drive powerful actions, there isn't an approach you can take which will be more effective than running a Rewards campaign with Gleam. Our modular app allows you to integrate multiple actions into one coupon campaign, and it automatically verifies each action performed by your visitors so your coupon codes are distributed more effectively.

Plus, when you use Rewards you will be able to house your campaign on your website or on one of our hosted landing pages. This will help you maximise participation as you can easily drive traffic to your coupons from an array of sources including your website, your email list, and social media. Gleam offers over 90 different actions you can integrate into each coupon campaign so you can always drive the actions that matter to you. To you help you get an idea of exactly what you can accomplish with Gleam we'll take you through some of the most powerful types of Rewards campaigns you can run to drive powerful actions and generate sales:.

Regardless of what you're selling, the post-checkout experience is extremely important in the competitive world of E-commerce. If you want more customers to return to your store and make purchases from you, then the journey doesn't just end at the post-checkout page. In fact, it has just begun.

New customers should have the option to stay in the loop with your new offerings or future sales promotions. You can do this by embedding our app on your post-checkout page and using it to drive actions such as email subscriptions and social media follows. You can easily incentivise these actions as well as future sales by offering a discount on their next purchase:.

If you're looking to drive more traffic to your social media channels as well as grow your followers, then you're in luck. Our customer Teami Blends uses our app to connect visitors to multiple social media channels they are on.

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Instead of using monetary benefits as an incentive, you can also use your product as the incentive itself. Free trials or free samples can be a great foot in the door technique to drive more customers your way. One of our customers, XSplit strategically gates free trials of their new product by getting customers to share the product release with their friends and family.

Have you ever ordered a Subway sandwich and found a free cookie offer on the back of your receipt? Subway routinely collects customer feedback by offering up free cookies, all the customer has to do is fill up their receipt reference number, then complete their 1-minute survey. You don't need to give out cookies if you're an online business, you should know by now what tools are at your disposal.

If you don't Our Rewards app have actions like answer a question or complete a Typeform survey so you can build customer feedback or product survey campaigns while also distribute your rewards in the same space. Our simple app can be embedded on your online store's post-checkout page to collect feedback on the checkout experience:. User-generated content UGC is essentially a collaboration with your customers to develop high-quality content you can use for your future marketing campaigns.

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If you have a lot of customers who are fans of your product, there's no reason not to ask why exactly they love you. Besides, featuring customers on your newsletters, website or social media channels are also great ways to interact with beloved customers and make that part of the post-purchase experience. Just look at how Frank Body uses photos and testimonials from their customers to engage with subscribers and bring attention to their bestselling products:.

If you want to start collecting UGC for your own E-commerce business, using coupons is the way to go. Let's look at what kind of UGC you can incentivise using action-based coupons:. You can get customers to submit photos of them enjoying your product in exchange for your coupon. Using our Rewards app, Simply Straw runs an ongoing PledgeAgainstPlasticStraws campaign by getting new visitors to submit photos and spread the word about their movement.

Regardless of what kind of online business you have, you'll know customer reviews are the cornerstone for getting more sales and gaining your customer's trust. Depending on the platform's regulations, it's possible to incentivise your reviews by offering a coupon for some reward. Just make sure you've read the review platform's policies before implementing this action, as some platforms don't allow incentivised reviews.

If you want to build a repertoire of gleaming testimonials along with high-quality images provided by your customers themselves, why not request for both? Referral programs are great when it comes to acquiring more like-minded customers. You can get your existing customers to recommend your product to their friends and family in order to get more customers. But of course, it goes without saying that you need to incentivise your customers in order to receive referrals. Gleam Rewards allows you to set up referral programs that reward both you and your customers.

Our app can help you create a referral program that can be installed anywhere on your website. Check out our demo below:. Find out how Gleam can help you create and distribute coupons in ways which will drive powerful actions and incentivise sales. While you can drive most of the actions mentioned from your website by embedding it on a page, you may want to experiment by limiting the campaigns to a specific audience from time to time.

That's when having a secret landing page come in handy - you can target specific segments in your customer base by offering different coupon campaigns based on purchase behaviour and intention. Since we host a free hosted landing page for each Gleam Rewards campaign, you can distribute secret or 'limited' coupon codes in a few ways:. Landing pages are the perfect ally for email campaigns because it is not exposed on your main website or social media channels.

You can communicate directly with your subscribers and experiment with what coupons work without the noise of deal seekers or cold traffic. Imagine you want to limit a special flash sales session to existing customers or subscribers only. You can then setup a Gleam Rewards campaign then share the hosted landing page link with your mailing list via email:.

Your subscribers can then complete the actions you requested and then claim their discount coupon - all of this done out of public view. If you're an online retailer then you must have considered influencer marketing at some point. The challenge when it comes to partnering with influencers is that results may vary a lot and it's difficult to measure the effectiveness of each influencer's power to Using Gleam Rewards can help ensure actions prompted by both you and your influencer are completed before the coupon is being redeemed.

If your influencer operates on a third party channel such as Instagram or Twitter, then it also allows them the extra flexibility of implementing actions outside of those channels. All your influencer has to do is send their followers to our landing pages where followers can complete the actions and redeem your coupon:. Learn more about using Gleam to partner with influencers.

If you are an Amazon seller, then you will know the challenges of ranking your products within the platform, as well as driving traffic to your product listings externally. Log into your account to get started. From there you will be taken to a page that looks like this:. Copy the link and send it to your amigos so they too can start receiving awesome Airbnb discounts. If you have LOTS of friends, this is where things start to get very interesting.

Listen up! It may take you a long time to earn that much credit.

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However, if you are able to attain that much credit, you have just won the backpacker jackpot, and can likely travel for a year or more! In the exact same way that when you sign up to Airbnb we both benefit, so too will you and your circle of friends. In a world of ever-increasing expense, it is excellent when the good travel benefits and karma can be spread around.

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This is the backpacker economy at work! Point being, everybody wins… and perhaps even more importantly, everyone gets a piece of the Airbnb credit pie. Now read on to find out how to give out your own Airbnb promo code and earn even more free credit….