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According to this data, Sunday is the best day to post for Facebook Engagement. Many businesses take the weekends off and therefore may be choosing to only post Monday through Friday. According to our data, that might be a mistake!

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Perhaps try taking one of your scheduled Thursday or Friday posts and moving them to Saturday and Sunday to see how they perform. You might be surprised at how well they do!

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Brevity is the clear winner for Facebook posts. If you want the best chance of engagement, keep your Facebook posts no longer than 50 characters. This makes sense — Facebook consumption is extremely passive, and attention spans are short. Our data shows that the optimal length of a Facebook video is between 3 and 5 minutes.

We pulled data on videos up to 20 minutes long, but everything after 10 minutes is relatively similar in average engagements. The average engagement jumps from to 2,! So if you want to be specific, I suppose you could say the optimal length of a Facebook video is between and Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner tied the same concept toward the trend to spend less time on Facebook.

The reaction from Facebook users to different videos provides great insight for brands who want to create engaging content. The range of emotional reactions to Facebook video makes sense when you think about the nature of Facebook. In , a study by the New York Times found that people shared information online for five primary reasons. They are worth quoting directly here, and we are convinced from our data that they still apply. People share information online:.

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The key to Facebook engagement in any marketing strategy is to focus on offering value. It can be easy for us to slip into our marketer mode when we plan Facebook posts for our brands. But, keeping our consumer preferences in mind is a powerful way to ensure our posts are engaging.

If you are like me, you will find personal memories and life events.

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And, an occasional funny or helpful link from a brand. When using Facebook, people are curating an image of themselves.

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People want to highlight their sense of humor and opinions. They want to share helpful information, and they want to inspire or entertain others. For marketers, a well-developed strategy for Facebook engagement will include posts of many different types, with various purposes. Ideally, your Facebook strategy will be fully integrated with your marketing plan, not just a separate project with unrelated goals. A bigger Facebook audience needs to fit into your overall marketing plan. For example, you could plan to nurture your Facebook audience to subscribe to your email list, visit your site, try your product, etc.

Calls-to-action help clarify for your audience what the next step should be.

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They invite the audience to move closer to your goal for them. It uses the Sign Up button available from Facebook. Audience nurture for Facebook engagement should also include posts that are simply helpful. She posted about a Facebook security breach that may have allowed unauthorized access to photos from timelines, and she includes some great advice the types of pictures to avoid posting online.

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